MW-LEACH: Low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy approach for WSN

//MW-LEACH: Low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy approach for WSN


The authors propose a novel multiple weight low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (MW-LEACH) protocol for wireless sensor networks. In MW-LEACH, they select the cluster heads (CHs) based on the residual energy, the distances between the CHs, and an optimal number of member nodes. The nodes are selected from the initial set based on the high residual energy closer to the centre of the density, thus forming an initial set of CH candidates. The candidates then move in different directions to collect data from their members sending it to the base station. The proposed approach has lower complexity in terms of time and message. It is also fast and offers a longer lifetime for the network. It also provides a proper level of fault tolerance. In the experimental simulation evaluation, their approach outperforms state-of-the-art protocols based on performance metrics of throughput, energy consumption, packet delivery, network lifetime, and latency


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